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Sine Mountain

Sine Mountain is a modular synth focused music project. 



Sine Mountain is David Soto’s modular synth focused music project. Inspired by science fiction literature Sine Mountain creates soundtracks possible futures. The decision to primarily use modular synthesizers stems from a love of technology and appreciation of temporality.  The resulting sound of Sine Mountain is experimental dance and dark ambient music. Live performances are usually improvised and patches rarely are revisited. Each performance is a unique listening experience. 

David is also very involved in building the Colorado Modular Synth Society. He runs a monthly meetup, throws numerous shows and was behind the Colorado Modular Synthesizer Festival (the first of its kind.)

He loves to share the stage and spotlight with his fellow modular synth artist. A good example of this is his Spotify playlist Modular Synth Society where he shares modular synth artists from all over the world. 

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